composing, developing and curating transformative neighborhoods, communities and cities

Imagine an abundant world, living within its resources. 

A regenerative world rewarding innovation and inclusivity. 

We envision a world of prosperous, resilient and sustainable communities, designing and implementing pathways to an equitable future.




Consulting Services

We develop and organize the entire design and construction process necessary to move towards truly equitable and intentional development. We create strategic sustainable plans and design concepts aligned with community needs for optimal ROI. The outcome of our collaborative efforts result in a well-defined brand allowing for adaptation and response to future growth and change.

Our Principles   


  • Composition of authentic visions guided by a human centered approach

  • Integration through development of natural resource intelligence, living well design,  and regenerative and thriving placemaking 

  • Curate neighborhood assets through equality of community, planet, fair policy, and vibrant economics


  • Thought Leadership and Visioning

  • Design Project Team Facilitator

  • Project Team Building and Coordination

  • Sustainability Guidelines and Rating Systems

  • Architecture, Design and Planning

  • Design/Construction Team Building and Coordination

  • Sustainable Materials and Resources

  • Community Organizer - Human/Behavioral Engagement and Outreach

  • Brand Development/Project Documentation

  • Climate Action Plan Implementation

  • Sustainable Innovation/Knowledge/Resources

  • Technology Research/Analysis/Reporting

  • Placemaking/Community Gardens Integration

  • Neighborhood Development/EcoDistrict

  • Transportation Network Initiatives

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